Tuesday, January 20, 2015

November 13, 2014 Board Meeting

NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Members:  Kathy Moss, Terry Broberg, Karen Jeffers, Jerry Philbrick,
 Anne Grace, Patrisha Street, Lynne Metz
Librarians:   Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen

Kathy called the meeting to order.  Anne moved to approve the September and October minutes.  Jerry seconded the motion.  The motion carried. 
Mary reported that story time is averaging 25 children.  Sharon Markley, Parents as Teachers coordinator has been hosting her play groups at the library once a month during story time.  LEAP is averaging 55 students:  students play games, do crafts and read and check out books during this time. The theme for next year’s summer reading program is “Every Hero Has a Story”. She will be applying for another programming grant for a kick-off entertainer.
Nancy reported that newsletter was sent out October 10 to 463 patrons.  She is considering reducing the frequency of the newsletters.  Pete Falcon came to redo the dull places on the wood floor.  Afterwards, there was such a difference in the finish that Pete redid the floor at a cost of $100.  Game Day was a success with mostly grade school students thanks to Terry and Kathy helping out.  The Kansas Collection has been moved upstairs and the Lincoln County Collection has been reorganized.  Nancy presented information to review salaries and a possible 2015 budget. 
Terry reported that the west door has been completely redone with a solid wood panel replacing the pieced panel.  Outside painting and inside finishing have been completed and the Stryker plate at no additional cost has been reset. This was accomplished thanks to the persistence of Terry.
Terry reported that the limestone repair project still needs $2795 to complete the fund raising.  She plans to ask FLCL and the City of Lincoln for the remaining funds. Since these are maintenance issues, she will ascertain that our mill levy yearly operational allocation will not be affected.
Lynne moved to go into executive session from 1720 until 1735 to discuss personnel matters of non-elected personnel in order to protect the privacy interest of the individuals to be discussed.  Anne seconded the motion and motion carried.  Lynne moved to extend executive session to 1745, seconded by Anne.  Motion carried. 
Karen moved to pay this month’s bills, seconded by Jerry.  Motion carried. Lynne moved to increase the children’s librarian position to 22 hours at $8/hour and decrease the director’s hours from 32 to 31 at $12.25/hr.  Karen seconded the motion.  The motion carried and the new hours and pay scale will be implemented January 1, 2015. 
Lynne moved to accept the Intellectual Freedom and Equipment Use pages presented by Nancy to add to the policy handbook.  Patrisha seconded the motion.  The motion carried.
Jerry moved to adjourn.  Terry seconded the motion.  The meeting is adjourned.  The next meeting will be December 11.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Metz