Monday, August 26, 2013

July 18, 2013 Special Board Meeting Minutes

JULY 18, 2013

Members present:  Anne Grace, Terry Broberg, Jerry Philbrick, Kathy Moss, Patrisha Street, Karen Jeffers and Lynne Metz.
Librarian present:  Nancy Jensen

     A special meeting was called by president Anne Grace, July 18, 2013, to discuss
the grant application  to the WEB fund from the Lincoln County Economic Development office.  The application was submitted by FLCL member Deb Ortiz.  After review of the application Kathy moved to write a new proposal with $6745, the amount requested and $2250, the amount pledged by the library.  Motion was seconded by Karen.  Motion passed.  Anne will contact the Economic Development director for a new application.
     We plan to apply to the Post Rock Foundation after September 1 for the remaining funds . 
      Jerry moved to adjourn. Kathy seconded.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Metz, secretary

July 9, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

JULY 9, 2013

Members:  Kathy Moss, Patrisha Street, Jerry Phillbrick, Karen Jeffers, Lynne Metz, Terry Broberg
Librarian:  Nancy Jensen

     In the absence of president Anne Grace, Kathy Moss opened the meeting.  The minutes were approved as read. 
     Children’s librarian, Mary, was unable to attend due to family illness.
     Nancy reported on the summer library program:  23 teens and 43 adults have participated with the program ending July 13.  The children’s summer program will continue through July so that LEAP elementary children can participate.  The 1st Wednesday afternoon adult movie was attended by 7 people.  Citizens State Bank provided popcorn.  July 17th the movie ARGO will be shown.  Discussion followed as to trying an evening movie.
      CKLS workshops in Beloit, August 14th will include programming and ebooks.  The technology workshop on technology is October 16 in Great Bend.  CKLS has signed an agreement with Overdrive allowing all the libraries in CKLS to be part of the sunflower eLibrary consortium.  This will enable library patrons to download audio books, ebooks and music with their Lincoln Carnegie Library card.  The website is  There is a two week limit for each book, etc. 
     July 13, Luanne Howell will lead an Altered Books workshop and on August 7, Kathy Rippel will teach a class on genealogy internet resources at the library.
     The June/July newsletter was sent to 420 patrons.  The annual audit is being conducted by the City auditor.  Recycling needs to be picked up.  Karen Jeffers volunteered to take care of it.  The sprinkler was apparently left on July 4th.  Water was found running down the street and in the basement Friday morning.  Lynne will check with Evelyn Schroeder to see if a Friends member just left it on by mistake or if we had some vandalism occur. 
     Nancy passed out the 2014 System Plan which includes the following changes:  Continuing Education money drops from $1000/year to $750/year, annual Technology Plan is required, electronic copy of our Policy Handbook to CKLS is required,  new $250 programming grant is available.
     Some libraries are eliminating overdue fines since it is not a deterrent and is not a good source of revenue. The microfilm bid from Salina Blueprint for a new microfilm machine is $8995.  In addition we will need a computer, tower, mouse and keyboard and a vertical monitor.  FLCL has offered to purchase the computer and monitor.  Anne Grace will write a WEB grant for ¾ of the price if we provide ¼ of the price ($2250).  This could be accomplished with $1083.32 in memorials, $763.59 in special accounts and $403.09 from the general contingent fund. 
     A book entitled Journeys, photography from around the world, was donated by Dr. Dale K. Cole, retired Salina physician.  He is willing to come give a photography workshop or talk about his travels.  Lynne volunteered to send a note of thanks. 
     The fax machine is set up and working.  Both banks charge $2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page. 
     Unfinished Business:  Karen moved to proceed with the WEB grant for the $8995 microfilm machine, including our ¼ part of $2250.  Patisha seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Book bags were examined and their purchase was tabled.  Terry submitted a report on the west doors. See attached update. 
     New Business:  Jerry moved to pay the monthly bills.  Lynne seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
Lynne moved to set a fax fee of $2/first page and $1/additional pages.  Karen seconded.  Motion carried.
     Jerry moved to adjourn the meeting.  Karen seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be August 13.  
     Respectfully submitted,

     Lynne Metz, secretary