Monday, October 21, 2013

Septemer 12, 2013 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2013

Members:  Jerry Philbrick, Patrishia Street, Karen Jeffers, Kathy Moss, Anne Grace
Librarians:  Mary Andersen, Nancy Jensen

Joe Lessor came to our Board Meeting to explain about the process that will come into play concerning the front door.  He is residing in Lincoln, having retired from his job on the West Coast.  He gave the Board a presentation on what he would do to fix the existing doors or what questions to ask if we get a different door.  He passed out papers to let us know the details and cost of the hardware that is needed for the door.

Anne called the Board meeting to order.  After a correction to the last months minutes they were approved.   The correction being the Conceal Carry Policy.  In the August meeting the Board decided to take the gun signs down and delete the Conceal Carry Policy.

Mary gave her librarians report.  The Story Time on Thursday morning has good attendance.  The LEAP students from the Lincoln Elementary School will be coming to the Library every Friday at 3:45 to check out books, do crafts and play games.  Everything is going well.

Nancy gave her librarians report.  She will be doing the payroll early and would like the signers to come in and sign the checks.

The Library will host a ruffled scarf class for October 19th.  There have been some inquiries concerning having a monthly genealogy club meeting at the Library.  Nancy will put a notice in the next newsletter to see how much interest is received.

Upon researching the guest book for the Open House after the remodeling project in 2009, there were 71 signatures in the book.  As there probably were some who didn’t sign the book an approximate number of 100 people were in attendance for this event.

The amount charged for the public to use the fax from the library will remain the same.  It is in line with what the banks charge.

The Board looked at material concerning shopping baskets for the patrons to use while in the Library.  Nancy found several models that ranged in price from $5 to $25.  Anne will consult the Friends of the Library to see if they would like to take on this project.

Karen made the motion to have Sylvan Lawn Care come to do the spraying for the dandelions.  Patrishia seconded the motion.

Nancy is writing a grant from the CKLS Materials Grant to purchase a projector and screen for the Library.  At present we are borrowing Jim Gabelmann’s equipment.

The Board with the Librarians had discussion about overdue fines.  Jerry made the motion to abolish the late fees (fines).  Karen seconded the motion.  The Board also discussed extending the check out days for books.  Karen made the motion to have the check out period extended from two weeks to three weeks.  Jerry seconded the motion.

The book bags as a fund raiser for the 100th anniversary celebration was tabled till Terry can be at the meeting.

Anne is working on writing grants for the library from GL Huyett, WEB and the Post Rock Foundation.  Any money we receive will help purchase the microfilm machine as well as other projects.

The Board discussed the door issue again.  Anne will check with Terry to see what is going on with the door.  If there isn’t any activity a final decision will be made in October.

Kathy made the motion to pay the bills for the month.  Jerry seconded the motion.  Checks were signed.

The Board and Librarians went over the Policy Handbook Part III and corrections and deletions were made.

Jerry made the motion to adjourn.  Kathy seconded the motion.

The next Board meeting will be October 10.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kathy Moss, just filling in for Lynne