Tuesday, July 23, 2013

June 11, 2013 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Board of Trustees
June 11, 2013

Members Present:  Anne Grace, Kathy Moss, Terry Broberg, Patrisha Street, Karen Jeffers, Lynne Metz
Librarians:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen

     The meeting was called to order by president, Anne Grace.  Terry moved to approve the May 16 minutes.  Karen seconded the motion.  The minutes are approved as read. 

Librarians’ Reports:
     Mary reported that 60 children have signed up for the Summer Library Program-Dig Into Reading which will last through July. Monday Story time has fluctuated from 5-15 children.  The Rolling Hills Zoo Program was attended by 45 children and 15 children enjoyed last Friday’s afternoon movie.  We have received $395 in donations from local businesses:  Meyer Tire and Lube, Lincoln Farm supply, Crangle Law Offices, Chartered, Farmway Credit Union, Insurance Works, Walker Products Company, Inc., Susan Marshall, Dr. G. Derrill Gwinner, Metz and O’Hare, Chtd., Lincoln County Pharmacy, Sixteen 60 Publishing Co.  Lynne will send thank you notes and the board members are encouraged to express their thanks, also.  About 40 children from the LEAP program at LES will be coming to the library on Fridays from noon to 1pm to check out books, do crafts and get acquainted with the library.  The school library will not be open during the summer school period. Program information is posted on the library blog at CKLS came and weeded out the children’s books. The re-labeling project is tabled until after the summer library program is over
     Nancy reported that the west door is still having problems, swelling in the humidity, was unable to be opened for two days.  The door windows also leaked during the rain.  Dennis Cross did fix the door from blowing open when it is really windy out. The door needs to be replaced.  The adult fiction books have been weeded to 3400 books.  The goal is to limit the number to 3,000.  The state aid check for $517 arrived and 2014’s state aid estimate is $475.  The Summer Reading Program for Adults:  every time an adult checks out books he/she fills out an entry form for a drawing for a gift basket.  Drawings are held every week.  Twelve teens are participating in the Teen Summer Library Program. There are guessing jars and ‘make and take” crafts for them.  Weis Fire & Safety inspected approved the fire extinguishers. A monthly adult movie will be shown once a month on Wednesday at 2:30. The first one will be “The Impossible” on June 19.  On August 7, Kathy Ripple, CKLS, will come to do a program on Genealogy sites on the internet.
     The library’s part of the City-Wide garage sale cleared $103 ($21 books, $90 equipment) and was manned by Anne, Terry and Evelyn Schroeder, FLCL president.
     The City of Lincoln workers made a concrete pad, moved the bike rack and the book return bin to make an easy access curb-side book return.  
     The CKLS Trustee training meeting was held in Lincoln June 10.  Members in attendance from Lincoln were Anne, Kathy, Patrisha, Karen, Terry and Lynne.  A total of 22 attended with Minneapolis, Wilson and Luray being represented.  Chris Ripple and Gail Santy presented detailed information about the responsibilities of being a part of the CKLS and state library system.  This included a set of by-laws written by Chris that will cover all the legal and library regulations to follow.  The different CKLS grants were explained.  It is the board’s responsibility to set policies for the library, not micro-manage the librarian.  We are encouraged to build a better relationship with our city council by keeping them informed of our activities and patron use.  It was an in-depth presentation and a good learning tool.
     Kathy moved to approve the bills.  Karen seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 
     The Policy Handbook, Part II Trustee Policies were reviewed.  Terry moved to add the State of Kansas guideline website to the Records Retention Policy.  Kathy seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
      Nancy mentioned that the early copies of the board minutes are becoming frail. A future project could be recopying these minutes in some form to preserve our history. 
     Anne reported that the FLCL are still interested in helping with the purchase of a microfilm reader to replace our aging/no replaceable parts machine.  Anne will follow up with the FLCL about writing grants and Nancy will obtain pricing from Salina Blueprint.  FLCL is planning a photography contest of Lincoln County with entries being displayed at the library. 

     Book bags with the library logo were considered as a possible fund raiser.  Terry will ask for free samples first.  It is suggested that we attend the July 8th city council meeting to thank them for their cooperation in moving the book drop. 
     Kathy moved to adjourn the meeting.  Karen seconded the motion.  Meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be July 9, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Metz, secretary

May 16, 2013 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
May 16, 2013

Members Present:  Anne Grace, Terry Broberg, Karen Jeffers, Kathy Moss, Jerry Philbrick,
Patrisha Street, Lynne Metz
Librarians Present:  Nancy Jensen

The meeting was called to order by Anne Grace. Kathy moved to approve the April minutes.  Karen seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved.  Nancy reported that Karen Jeffers has volunteered to fill in for Mary and Nancy on May 17th. 

Nancy reported on the following issues:
     She wrote a newspaper article concerning opening the meeting room for public non-profit use.  Adult fiction books have been “weeded” to increase the young adult books section.  CKLS weeded the children’s department with volunteer help.  Mr. Koch, grade school principal, talked to Mary about the Schools plans for their summer LEAP program.  Kan-Ed reimbursed $773.33 for internet expense.  Lincoln Grade School students came for a tour May 15.  She attended the annual Spring Forward conference and got ideas for adult programming and displays. 

Unfinished business: The CKLS Trustee meeting will be in Lincoln, June 10, 6:30-8:30pm. CKLS will reimburse our expenses for refreshments.  Several members volunteered to bring food and drink.
     Nancy provided a list of items for the City Garage Sale, June 1.  Anne volunteered to put up signs and supervise the sale.
      Dennis Cross constructed a wooden shield around the pipe under the children’s table.  It still needs to be stained and varnished. 
     The second staff computer and new color printer/copier/scanner/fax machine are installed and in use.
     A new microfilm reader costs about $10,000.  The Friends are interested in writing a grant for this project.  The Friends of the Library are working on plans for the 100th anniversary of the library next spring.  Patrisha and Kathy volunteered to work with the anniversary committee of Deb Ortiz, Regina Vignery and Evelyn Schroeder. 
     Jerry will check with the post office to see if any old mail boxes might be available for adaptation for book returns.
     Nancy was asked to look into book bags for children.

     New Business:  Election of Officers – the present officers will remain for the following year:
                               President:  Anne Grace     Vice President:  Kathy Moss
                               Secretary:  Lynne Metz      Treasurer:  Jerry Philbrick
Kathy moved to approve the bills.  Jerry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
Jerry moved to adjourn.  Kathy seconded.  Meeting was adjourned. 
The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 5pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Metz, secretary

April 9, 2013 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
April 9, 2013

Members Present:  Anne Grace, Jerry Philbrick, Terry Broberg, Lynne Metz,
                                  Patricia Street, Karen Jeffers
Librarian Present:  Nancy Jensen

     Anne called the meeting to order and welcomed new board members Patricia Street and Karen Jeffers.  Kathy Moss is hospitalized and will be unable to attend.  Mary Andersen is with a new grandson in Idaho. Pat Biggs will be the story time leader while Mary is away.  Jerry moved to approve the March minutes. Karen seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 
Librarian’s Report:
CKLS will hold an evening Trustee Training in Lincoln on June 10.  All should plan to attend.
The June 1, Lincoln city-wide garage sale would be an opportunity for us to sell equipment that we can no longer use.  Anne will contact the FCL if there is interest in a book sale at the same time.
Nancy is still “weeding” the adult fiction books (through Pat).
The summer reading program will be offered again this year and will include a weekly movie.  Attendance at the movie last year was sparse, so we are opening it up to all ages. 
Jim Gabelmann has offered the use of his movie projector. As a result of the March-April newsletter, several patrons have volunteered to help with the summer reading program and one person would like to teach a class. 
The initial distribution of CKLS grant money of $3560.50 was received.   
M&J delivered the two new easy chairs March 19.  There remains $263.01 in the scooter account.  Anne donated a vinyl “castle” for the children to use next to the puzzle table.  The “pipe” currently hidden by a plant needs to be covered for safety.  Remaining scooter money could be used for that project. 
Ellenz of Tipton hung the two new sun-blocking blinds on March 14. These will be paid for by FCL.
Dennis Cross worked on the west door, trying to fix the gap at the bottom with weather-stripping.  The weather stripping prevented completely closing the door, so it had to be removed.  This is an ongoing project.
The new (CKLS provided) computer was installed the end of March.  It is now computer #3 and the old #3 will be used as a second staff computer.  The following software and equipment is needed to provide upgrades and integration between computers:
     Fortress 10 - security software for new computer $60
     Windows 7 Upgrade – software for old computer $150
     Asus 18.5 inch monitor – for old computer $100
     HP All-In-One Printer – color, scan, fax, copy, network ready $200
Funds would come from the Heinitz Donation ($449 left in donation) and from Copies/Prints Account ($419).  Total cost would be $510.

Nancy would like to open the meeting room to non-profit groups to use.  She presented  the Salina Public Library policy with a few changes.

Anne reported that Lincoln Park Manor residents have been very receptive to our outreach program that places books at the nursing home.  Discussion followed about making this service available at the Senior Center and the “Hi-Rise”.

Terry reported that the new easy chairs have been Scotchgarded and that the “swivel” of the smaller chair has been stabilized.  They are a nice addition.  Terry contacted the Kansas Historical Society in regard to replacement of the west doors.  She sent photos of the doors and the KHS will evaluate and give a recommendation.  There is a heritage trust fund and a possibility of tax credit that will be explored. 

Anne and Terry attended the Lincoln city council meeting with a request to move the book drop box and bike rack to the southwest corner next to the parking lot.  The City Council approved the measure. 

New Business:
Jerry moved to adopt the following mission statement.  Terry seconded the motion.  A new mission statement was adopted.  It reads:  “It is the mission of Lincoln Carnegie Library to provide access to the world of social and cultural ideas to the community by offering a wide variety of materials and programs.  The library is dedicated to providing practical access to all forms of media as well as to supporting a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning.”
Karen moved to purchase the computer software/equipment as requested by Nancy.  Jerry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
The Meeting Room policy was discussed.  Lynne moved to accept it with the changes of $25 refundable deposit instead of $10 if refreshments are to be served and that all refreshments must remain in the Meeting Room.  Karen seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 
Karen Jeffers has accepted position #2, 2015.  Patricia Street has accepted position #6, 2014.  Lynne has agreed to serve a second term. 
The CKLS nominating committee is asking for nominations to the Executive Committee.
Part I Trustee By-Laws of the Policy Handbook was reviewed.  It was agreed to delete “and makes a report to the Board monthly.” from page I-2.

Anne distributed a letter from FCL chairman, Evelyn Schroeder.  New ideas they are working toward are a student photography contest with exhibits in the library and a genealogy workshop to be held in conjunction with the April 2014 100th anniversary celebration. Also, they will continue to take care of the flower beds
Lynne moved to pay the monthly bills.  Jerry seconded.  Motion carried.  Jerry reminded everyone that it was Nancy’s birthday. 
Jerry moved to adjourn.  Karen seconded the motion.  Meeting is adjourned until May14, 2013. 

Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Metz, secretary