Donations of Books and other Materials

The Lincoln Carnegie Library accepts donations of new or used books, DVDs, audio books, and video games as outlined below.

Donations are accepted with the understanding that the Library retains unconditional ownership and makes the final decision on the materials' acceptance, use, or disposal.
Library staff will not make the final decision on placement at the time of the donation.
Donations will be added to the collection if they meet the same criteria required of purchased materials. Donated items that do not meet the established criteria for placement in the collection will not be returned to the donor but may be sold at a book sale, placed on the free shelf, or recycled.
Library Staff has the right to refuse or retain any donated materials.

The Library will accept the following in good condition:
·         Any Children’s Books
·         Current Hardcover and Paperback Books (adult fiction books published with the last 10 years, adult nonfiction books published within the last 5 years).
·         CDs, DVDs, and Video Games
·         Current Editions of Magazines
·         Lincoln County History and High School Yearbooks

The Library will not accept the following:
·         Damaged books with broken bindings, missing pages, soiled, yellowed, musty, moldy, with smoke or water damage, with writing in the text, or with a strong smell.
·         Adult Nonfiction Books more than 5 years old, and Adult Fiction Books more than 10 years old
·         Magazines older than 3 years (including National Geographic)
·         Condensed books (Reader’s Digest)
·         Encyclopedias and Textbooks
·         Cassettes (audio or video)
·         Computer software
·         Copies of books, movies, etc. that are created without the permission of the copyright holder.

Library Staff will not appraise donations for tax purposes because they do not have the expertise.  A receipt acknowledging the number and format of the donated materials received can be provided.