Monday, January 28, 2013

Lincoln Carnegie Library 2012 Annual Report

2012 Highlights and Happenings

· Started a Cake Pan collection with 40 cake pans donated by the Extension Office.  

· With the help of volunteers, began reorganizing the children’s department, so that it would be easier for children and parents to find the books they are interested in. 

· Continued an emphasis on early childhood  literacy by offering  27 story  time  programs to preschoolers with a total attendance of 394.  

· To encourage reading for personal enrichment, the Library sponsored a summer reading program for all ages.  17 adults, 14 teens, and 63 kids participated. 

· Continued a monthly emailed newsletter that went out to 410 patrons.

· From home computers, patrons visited the   Library’s website 3,033 times and the facebook page 142 times.

Stats at a Glance
 The  Library houses  13,921 books, 860 movies, and 52 audio books.  It subscribes to 15 magazines and 2 newspapers.
9,961 visitors checked out 11,056 books, 3,871 movies, 279 audio books and 185 magazines. 

1,250 books were borrowed from other Libraries and 901 of our books were loaned to other Libraries.

Patrons logged on to the   Library’s 3 computers 1,517 times.  Others used their own laptops to tap into the  wireless connection.

The Library has 1,022 cardholders

Library Board of Trustees and Staff
Anne Grace, President
Kathy Moss, Vice President
Lynne Metz, Secretary
Jerry Philbrick, Treasurer
Terry Broberg, Member
Debbie Breneman, Member
Pat Florence, Member
Nancy Jensen, Director
Mary Andersen, Children's Librarian