Tuesday, November 4, 2014

September 11, 2014 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
September 11, 2014

Members Present:  Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Jerry Philbrick, Terry Broberg, Patrisha Street
Librarians Present:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen
Kathy called the meeting to order. Terry moved to accept the minutes from August, 2014.  Patrisha seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

The Children’s Department report included the following:  Story Time resumed September 4th with 11 kids and 6 adults attending.  LEAP after school kids will start coming on Friday, September 12th.  Mr. Koch, grade school principal, said about 60 students had signed up for Friday afternoons.  Libri Grant books have been received:  63 new books and 19 bonus Math and Science books.  The LIBRI foundation requests a thank you letter-news release be sent to them.  Mary will also be taking pictures to send.  All the books have been processed and are on the shelves.  Patty Collins, CKLS Youth Services Department representative, helped Mary with weeding the non-fiction section.
Nancy reported that Wednesday, September 24 at 7pm, Nora Rhoades, Post Rock Extension Agent, is scheduled to give a program on disaster preparedness at the library.  They are needing ten people to attend and Nancy hopes that board members will attend. Game Day/Night was discussed with expense projection.  Karen moved to have Game Day.  Jerry seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  It was decided not to apply for a grant to cover the expense of Game Day.  Game Day will be Monday, October 13th from 2pm-5pm.  Nancy made up a very nice flyer for each of the board members.  The operating hours sign is up in front of the library.  World Pest did their annual treatment.  Key Office was called as the copier was having problems.  The repairman came out and parts were ordered.  Since we have a service contract with Key Office, there is no charge for this repair.  There are ongoing problems with the elevator:  service calls needed in February and August.  The service man thought the auxiliary switch might be the problem. 
Nancy will call B&K Access to inquire about the reliability of the repairman and the cost of the auxiliary switch (repairman charges $1.25/mile for 95 mile trip.  Jerry volunteered to call Mitch Kobbeman to see how the high rise elevator problems are handled.  We do not have a service contract ($1000/yr).
The Garage sale was discussed and Kathy made the motion to not participate this year. Jerry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  The West door panels were installed but are still not right.  The doors will be taken out for a few days and Kelly will make things right at no additional cost. 
Terry called for an executive session for 15 minutes at 5:30 pm.  The board came out of executive session at 5:45 pm.  
The limestone repair bids were given to each board member.  Keith Naegele has submitted a base bid of $5450.00.  Replacing two pieces of stone on the north side of the library for labor, equipment and material for $1640.00, cost of two pieces of limestone $580.00:  total project $7670.00.  Terry has applied to several sources for funding.  City of Lincoln Center voted to spend $1000.00 on project.
Terry asked how the librarians thought the janitors were doing.  They both said when the check-off sheet was implemented the service was improved, but has slackened off recently.  Ways were discussed on showing our appreciation to them.  We cannot legally give them a gift as they are contract workers.  It was decided to ask for the bathroom to be cleaned thoroughly each time they are here, rather than once a week.
Karen moved to approve the pending bills.  Jerry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
Jerry moved to adjourn.  Patrisha seconded.  Motion carried.  The next meeting will be Thursday, October 9 at 5pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Jeffers

August 14, 2014 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library
Board of Trustees
August 14, 2014

Members Present:  Kathy Moss, Anne Grace, Patrisha Street, Terry Broberg, Karen Jeffers, Lynne Metz
Librarians Present:  Nancy Jensen
Kathy called the meeting to order.  Anne moved to accept the minutes from July 10, 2014.   Terry seconded the motion.  The motion passed.
The Children’s Department report included the following:  The children’s summer library reading program signed up 118 children with 50 reading logs returned.  The following activities were attended as follows:  Program at school 170 kids, 25 adults; 4 programs at the library 139 kids, 48 adult; 5 story times 62 kids, 22 adults; 4 movies 25 kids, 8 adults; crafts 409 kids; guessing jars 208 kids; LEAP 69 kids, 22 . We received $995 in cash donations ($500 from Lincoln Pharmacy), 10 video rental coupons from Lincoln Grocery, and 6 movie passes from the Finch Theatre.  There will be no story time or LEAP activities in August. Story time resumes Sept 4 and LEAP resumes Sept 12.  The 63 LIBRI foundation books plus 19 bonus Math and Science books have been sent to Great Bend for processing.  These books have a retail value of $1402.92 and were purchased for $350 given by FLCL. Sharon Markley, Parents as Teachers coordinator will be doing some of her programs on Thursday mornings during the story time hour.  Mary is ready to begin “processing” books with new labels for volunteers apply.  Karen volunteered to help Lynne and Kathy with this project.
Nancy reported that Street Plumbing inspected and cleaned the air conditioner that needed service.  They submitted a contract for a full cooling/heating system inspection, cleaning and filter change.  Anne moved to contract $60 for the fall clean and then a year’s contract of $125 for the following year in January.  Karen seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  The city of Lincoln’s proposed budget would increase our allotment from $38, 649 to $39,588.  The storage rooms are cleaned out of boxes. The librarians are putting together  list of items that could be disposed of in a garage sale, including garden hoses, TV and cart, paper book rack, floor protectors, NOOKS, etc.  Every year the State Library provides a list of really good books by Kansans and offers a grant for libraries to purchase 15 Kansas books. Nancy applied for the grant and was accepted.  The microfilm software was updated by Darryl from Salina Blueprint. The city auditor audited the books.  The new computer along with a new monitor, keyboard and mouse from CKLS is installed (Microsoft Office, Norton Antivirus, Clean Slate and Grand Fortress 101). Nancy ran a circulation report and reported the following:  Movies 209%, Audio Books 146%, Children’s Books 69%, Adult Books 40%, Cake Pans 26%, Magazines 6%.  She will use this information when purchasing in the future.
 The Video Gaming equipment and games have been purchased, paid for by the state library’s $450 grant.  Discussion followed with different ideas of how to use these games.  The consensus was to set up an afternoon and evening date for Gaming at the Library.  This would include x-box games as well as board games. Since there is no school, Monday, October 13, the board voted to invite the public to a session from 2-4pm for kids (with popcorn and drinks) and an evening session from 6-8pm for families (with hot dogs, chips and drinks). 
The new door let in some water during the rainstorm through the cracks.  Terry has contacted Chad and Kelly and they plan to come repair this next Wednesday.  Terry reported that Keith Naegele is still interested in repairing the stone work and thought the amount totaled about $5400.  Terry will look into the CKLS facilities grant, the WEB fund, etc to raise the money.  Lynne moved to go ahead with the stone work repair if money can be raised.  Anne seconded the motion. Motion carried. 
The movie, 12 Years a Slave, will be shown Wednesday, August 20 at 2:30. Due to copyright laws, we cannot advertise the name of the movie outside of the library itself. 
An additional $73.47 to Quill for supplies and $69.05 to Street for cleaning the air conditioner are added to the bills to be approved. Lynne moved to approve the bills.  Karen seconded the motion.  The motion carried. 
The next meeting will be September 11.  Karen moved to adjourn. Patrisha seconded the motion.  The meeting is adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Metz, secretary

July 10, 2014 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
July 10, 2014

Members Present:  Kathy Moss, Anne Grace, Terry Broberg, Patrisha Street, Jerry Philbrick, Lynne Metz
Librarians Present:  Nancy Jensen

     Kathy called the meeting to order and introduced the new Lincoln County Economic Development Director, Kelly Larson. Terry moved to approve the June 12 minutes.  Anne seconded the motion.  The motion carried.
     Nancy presented Mary’s report in her absence. The children’s programs for June included:  Chelsey Wineinger Bubble Science (30 kids, 10 adults), Chelsey Wineinger Eye Spy (45 kids, 14 adults), Tom Cavalli Lego Program (28 kids, 12 adults), Jack Crispin rock collecting (36 kids, 12 adults).  Movie attendance declined as the month went on:  Frozen (9 kids, 3 adults), WALL-E (12 kids, 2 adults), The Pirate Fairy (2 kids, 2 adults), Hotel Transylvania (2 kids, 1 adult).  The craft projects have been well attended, with an average of 65 kids.  The LIBRI Foundation Grant has provided 63 books and the Scholastic books have been received and are in use.  Story time has resumed with about 10 to 12 kids per week.
     Nancy reported that Weis Fire and Safety has inspected our fire extinguishers.  The Teen Summer Library program with 26 participants and the Adult Program with 37 participants end on July 12. The Gaming Grant was approved and Nancy has purchased the Xbox console, controllers and some games.  The receipts will be sent into the State Library and they will send out a reimbursement.  We received two thank you notes, one from FLCL for our help with the 100th anniversary and one from CKLS for hosting their meeting.  Mary Andersen is making letters for the new outdoor sign.  Anne moved to reimburse her for the supplies.  Patrisha seconded the motion.  The motion carried. 
     We continued to review the maintenance policy sections Safety and Safety Equipment and HVAC.  Storage in the furnace room doesn’t meet the standard of 3 feet from the heating unit.  Since the previous “storeroom” is now used for the LEAP children, the furnace room houses ladders, floor mats, paint, recycling, etc. FLCL stores outside hoses there, too.  When the summer activities are completed, Nancy asked that some of the board help go through the storage and weed things that are no longer needed.  Patrisha  will get information on  cleaning out the AC/heat vents. 
      Terry reported that the door panels will be replaced with solid wood panels, not glued panels, that will not split in the dry weather.   Anne moved to pay the bills.  Lynne seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  The janitors have been keeping the checklist.  Lynne volunteered to write a note from the board commending them on their work. 
     Trustee Policy III Library Service Policy was reviewed.  No changes were made to the policy.  Nancy says the eReaders are not being checked out.  She felt the $20 deposit was not a deterrent.  We have quite a few donated magazine subscriptions.  Lynne suggested that a good time to donate a subscription is the fall when the Junior class sells magazines. Lynne and Anne volunteered to deliver books monthly to the nursing home.  Terry reported that she has purchased the croquet wickets to stabilize the drain hoses.  Jerry moved to adjourn.  Patrisha seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be August 14.

     Respectfully submitted,
     Lynne Metz, Secretary

June 12, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
June 12, 2014

Members Present:  Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Patricia Street, Jerry Philbrick, Terry Broberg, Lynne Metz
Librarians Present:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen

President Kathy Moss called the meeting to order.  Karen moved to accept the May 8, 2014 minutes.  Terry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Children’s Librarian Mary presented the Children’s Department report.  87 children signed up for the Summer Library Program (SLP).  There were about 30 kids at the first program (Bubble Trouble) and 45 at today’s program (Eye Spy).  Nine children watched the first movie, Frozen.  The State Library is offering a $120 grant to purchase paperback Scholastic books to give away to children.  To receive the grant we must order at least $150 worth of books, submit the invoice to the State and they will reimburse the $120.  Mary ordered 110 books for $209 (81cents/book).  Our cost will be $89. The balance will come from the FLCL book sale.  She will distribute the books during the SLP. Children who would not be able to check out books otherwise, can use these books to participate in the SLP.  Mary asked Anita Wirth and her daughters to help select books with the Libri Grant money. 
Nancy reported that she attended the CKLS Spring Forward workshops in Salina in May.  Items covered were Patron Privacy and Confidentiality, Copyright Laws, Scanning Project, Zinio Digital magazines and the 2015 System Plan. Regarding Privacy, law enforcement is required to submit a subpoena for information on who is using our computers.  CKLS has purchased two large scanners that can be loaned to local libraries to scan historical documents with the intent to place these in the Kansas website.  Training by CKLS personnel of volunteers is mandatory before this is open to the general public.  There is no charge for this service.  The 2015 System Plan includes the hiring of a new consultant to work with school librarians and an $800 increase in the annual System Grant for each local library.  Pete Falcon has agreed to recoat the wood floor in the children’s section.  Luann Howell has retextured and repainted the wall behind the digital sign.  The FLCL Anna Wait re-enactment was well received by 19 people.  The FLCL book sale only raised $52.  The Summer Library Program (SLP) was outlined in the May newsletter.  CKLS will provide money for the treats served at their meeting in Lincoln.  Kathy, Karen and Lynne offered to donate what they brought and not bill CKLS.  The Teen and Adult SLP started June 2 and will run through July 12.  The Teen program includes “guessing jars”, make and take crafts and “find Sheldon” contest.  Each book they check out includes an entry form which goes into the drawing for Finch Theatre tickets.  The Adults portion includes a weekly drawing for gift baskets.
Unfinished  Business:
The application for the Video Gaming Grant offered by CKLS is due June 13.  Mr Naase and Mr. Kirkendall conducted a survey of 79 high school students regarding participation in video games at the library.  32% said they would support it, 20% said no, thank you, and 48% said maybe they would try it.  The $450 grant would cover an Xbox with controllers and additional controllers.  The games range in price from $20-$55 and some are available from the book van.  Lynne moved to send in the application for the Video Gaming Grant and Trish seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Discussion on how to set up times of games, possibility of adult times, etc will follow at the next meeting.  Nancy presented Randy and Janet Suelter the new weekly/monthly/annual cleaning schedule.  The Suelters provide all the cleaning agents and clean twice a week for $300/month.  They felt like some of the requirements were unreasonable (clean windows in furnace room, etc).  They requested a larger trash can (already purchased) in the meeting room and a microfiber mop (which they will buy and we will reimburse)and wanted to know how to dust the limestone walls.  They said that some of the items on the list were things that they hadn’t thought of on their own.  The sinks and water fountains are much improved.  Kathy will donate a cleaning device for the limestone.  The new front door has developed cracks in the bottom panel that actually let in light since the weather has been so dry.  Terry will contact the door’s manufacturer about the problem. 

New Business:
Jerry moved to approve this month’s bills. Karen seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
New officers will have to sign signature cards at the banks.  All have to sign new cards at the Citizens State Bank and Karen will also have to sign at the Bank of Tescott.
The CKLS Maintenance Checklist for Public Libraries/Exterior was examined to determine who is responsible for regular maintenance of the building. The Safety and Safety Equipment portion will be discussed at the next meeting.  Nancy handed out new Policy Handbook sheets Part 1 and 2.  The only change is that the number for a quorum has been changed from 4 to 5 persons.
Jerry moved to adjourn the meeting. Lynne seconded.  The meeting is adjourned and the next meeting will be on July 10, 2014. 

 Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Metz, Secretary