Saturday, March 18, 2017

February 2017 Library Board Meeting

Due to illness and scheduling conflicts, there was no February, 2017 Library Board Meeting.

January 2017 Library Board Meeting

JANUARY 10, 2017
Members Present:  Kathy Moss, Sharon Luck, Karen Jeffers, Terry Broberg, Sunnie McBride, Patricia Street
Librarians Present:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen
President, Kathy Moss opened the meeting.  Sharon moved to approve the minutes of the December 13, 2016 meeting.  Karen seconded the motion and all approved the motion.
Mary reported that story time is currently on a break.  She continues to work on the non-fiction books. 
Nancy reported the water heater had to be replaced.  To be in-compliance with the Pathfinder Central Agreement, Nancy changed the patron’s usernames to the number on their library card.  She provided everyone a copy of the 2016 budget and the proposed 2017 budget.  The Beach Grant will cover all Children’s books.  Mary is planning to use approximately $3,000.00 of the Beach Grant for non-fiction books for the children’s department. The city gave the library a $1,700.00 check that enabled us to end 2016 with an extra $1300.00.  Nancy is buying batteries for 3 of the emergency lights.  The trash cans have been put in place.  The sign that is out front listing the hours the library is open needs to be fixed.  Nancy will check with Marci Metz or the PAWS printing business at the high school to see what they offer or what suggestions they have for our current sign.
Everyone was given a copy of the Director’s Evaluation.  It was decided that everyone will complete the evaluation, drop it off at the library or give it to Kathy Moss prior to the February 14th meeting.  This will give Kathy the opportunity to compile the data that will be used in executive session at the Feb. 14th meeting.
Discussion switched to the library evaluation.  Terry plans to visit with Royce at Precision Electric regarding the electronic handicapped access for the doors.  Nancy and Mary created a “cubby” area for the children’s department.  Brainstormed ideas to place signage at the top and bottom of the old stairs, stating they would be used for emergency purposes only.  Nancy will gradually move books around to fit the library arrangement better.
Karen moved to approve the bills from the December meeting with Patricia seconding the motion. Kathy and Nancy signed the Pathfinder Central Agreement..  Sharon made the motion to approve the 2017 budget with Patricia adding a second.
Patricia motioned for the meeting to adjourn with Karen adding a second.
Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Luck