Wednesday, December 18, 2013

November 14, 2013 Library Board Meeting

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
November 14, 2013

Members Present:  Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Jerry Philbrick,   Patrisha Street, Terry Broberg, Lynne Metz
Librarians:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen

     The meeting was called to order by vice president, Kathy Moss. 
FLCL representatives Evelyn Schroeder and Deb Ortiz presented ideas for the 100th anniversary in May.  They emphasized that FLCL’s goal is to be an active support of the library.  FLCL, with a membership of 56 persons, meets in the months of January, March, May, September and November.  At the present their treasury is about $7,000. They purchased three wheeled carts for the library for patron’s use.  Other ideas for the anniversary are bookmarks and mugs to be given as a thank you for large donations. Pat Florence is assembling a commemorative booklet for the event.  The genealogy workshop is scheduled May 31 and they have proposed a book sale in May. 
     The minutes of the October 10th meeting were read.  Karen moved to correct the minutes to read:  Kathy attended the WEB meeting instead of Anne Grace.  Jerry seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved as amended. 

     Mary reported that attendance at story time has gone from 20 to about 10 with the cold weather.  This is to be expected.  CKLS requires 20 programs each year in addition to the summer reading programs.  To date, we have had 36 story times.  There will be a Christmas Party on December 12th and no scheduled story times in January.  The Friday afternoon LEAP program is a success with about 60 students doing crafts and checking out books.  Mary has reorganized the children’s books, separating the oldies and classics from the new and popular books. Re-labeling and coding will begin again in January.  The turkey decorations in the meeting room aka story time room are clever and colorful. 
     Nancy reported that Marilyn Hellmer’s alumni tour stopped by on homecoming week-end.  The Great Bend CKLS technology conference, October 16th, included information about new technology, safe internet practices and some digital resources CKLS is considering.  Janice Gregg’s Adult scarf class held October 19th had 7 participants.  Anne Grace will teach an earring class December 7th.  We were closed on Veteran’s Day and will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.
The finish on the hardwood floors is wearing off especially around the floor mats.  She will remove the floor mats as they may be causing a reaction to the finish.  CKLS will meet in Lincoln November 20.  Last month we talked about dropping most of our magazine subscriptions.  Donations of magazines would be appreciated.
     Lynne reported that the library logo designed by Scott Holl is the property of the library and can be used on book bags, etc. 
     Terry painted the hand rails outside the building before the winter weather arrives. 
     The CKLS Trustee Training at Sylvan Grove was attended by Karen, Patrisha, Terry and Kathy.  The focus was on increasing activities/programs at the library.  The digital age of books will necessitate the library becoming more of a community center. 

Unfinished Business
       The WEB fund has approved $5000 for a new microfilm reader.  FLCL will provide $1750 and the library’s contingency fund will provide $2250.  We are waiting for a letter from G.L. Huyett regarding funding.  CKLS will be providing a new computer in March and we could possibly use computer #1 with the new reader.  Nancy will order the new microfilm reader. 

     Terry reported on the final specifications for the west door replacement from Chad Lettau of Kropf Lumber Inc, Hesston, KS.  See included report.  Jerry moved to purchase the door at $5193.33 with additional cost of hardware and closer ($657-$750) and labor from Jantz Carpentry of $4078.  Lynne seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  There is $10,000 remaining in the building fund. 
     Terry will contact Travis Schwertfeger about loose mortar in the building.  Jerry will contact Pete Falcon in regard to the wearing of the wood floor finish.

New Business
     Jerry moved to approve the bills. Patrisha seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Policy Handbook Part IV will be reviewed at a later time.
Terry moved to adjourn.  Karen seconded the motion.  Meeting was adjourned.  Since Kathy will be unavailable for the regularly scheduled meeting Dec 12, it was decided to move the meeting to Tuesday, December 17 at 5pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Metz, secretary

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Board of Trustees October 10, 2013 Meeting

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
October 10, 2013

Members Present:  Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Jerry Philbrick, Patrisha Street,
Terry Broberg, and Lynne Metz
Librarians:  Nancy Jensen and Mary Andersen

The meeting was called to order by vice president, Kathy Moss, in the absence of the president, Anne Grace.  The minutes of the September 12th meeting were approved as printed.

Librarians’ Reports:

Mary presented her children’s library report.  Thursday morning story time averages 19 children.  LEAP activities on Friday after school average 50-60 children/week.  USD 298 will provide money for craft supplies for LEAP students.  Mary requested an increase in hours from 17 to 19.2/week.  This would keep her under the KPERs limit of 1000 hrs/year.

Nancy reported the following:
Fall Trustee Dinner Training sessions are scheduled October 28 in Jewell, October 29 in Hunter, November 6 in Sylvan Grove and November 7 in Hoisington.  Librarians will present innovative programs they are using in their libraries.  Lincoln will host a free knit/crochet a fancy scarf class on Saturday, October 19.  The monthly movie has drawn only 5-10 people.  No movies are scheduled for November or December.  The CKLS grant for a movie projector and screen was denied.  Community response to the abolishment of overdue fines has been positive.  The newsletter was emailed to 436 people in the community.  Sylvan Lawn Care will spray the yard for weeds this fall.  The new cake pan rack was free from the Ellsworth Library.  Marvin Jeffers has been taking care of the recycling.  The preliminary 2014 budget figures indicate that we may need to cut back some but should be okay with the carryover from this year.  Magazines are a big expense and only 1 or 2 patrons take advantage of this service.  Nancy plans to drop any new subscriptions.  The Kansas legislature passed a new law regarding the Children’s Internet Protection Act.  Nancy prepared a sheet showing employee hours and wages that need to be addressed before the end of the year.

Patrisha reported on her meeting with the FLCL/anniversary committee.  Some of their ideas are:  Facebook page, memories booklet, former librarian bios, genealogy workshop May 31 with trace Hamilton and Scott Holl, maybe bookmarks or notepads to commemorate event.  May 4, Sunday, will be the open house at the library to celebrate 100th year.

Unfinished Business:

Jerry moved to purchase 50 canvas book bags at $8.33 apiece (total $416.63) to sell during the anniversary celebration.  Patrisha seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Lynne will check with FLCL to see if the present logo/artwork can be used on the bags and to get some ideas if it can’t be used.  The price of the bags will be determined later.

Kathy, Nancy and Terry plan to attend the WEB Fund meeting on October 23rd to present pictures of the microfilm machine, how it is used by the community and a list of all types of information available on film.  The G.L. Huyett Fund and Post Rock Foundation are still options for this project.

Terry is still working on replacement of the door and suggested that the transom window should be sealed before winter sets in.

New Business

Jerry moved to approve the bills and the new children’s internet safety policy.  Karen seconded.  Motion carried.  Jerry moved to go into executive session from 6:10 pm to 6:20 pm to discuss personnel.  Karen seconded.  Motion carried.  Board came out of executive session at 6:20 pm.

Terry moved to increase Mary’s salary from $7.25 to $7.50/hr and increase her hours to 19.2/week.  Lynne seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Terry moved to increase Nancy’s salary from $12.00 to $12.25/hr.  Jerry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Terry moved to accept Anne’s resignation as president and request for a leave of absence until January 1, 2014, due to upcoming surgery.  Lynne seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Kathy Moss, as vice president, agrees to fill in for Anne.

Jerry moved to adjourn.  Terry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  The next meeting will be November 14 at 5 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynne Metz, secretary

Monday, October 21, 2013

Septemer 12, 2013 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2013

Members:  Jerry Philbrick, Patrishia Street, Karen Jeffers, Kathy Moss, Anne Grace
Librarians:  Mary Andersen, Nancy Jensen

Joe Lessor came to our Board Meeting to explain about the process that will come into play concerning the front door.  He is residing in Lincoln, having retired from his job on the West Coast.  He gave the Board a presentation on what he would do to fix the existing doors or what questions to ask if we get a different door.  He passed out papers to let us know the details and cost of the hardware that is needed for the door.

Anne called the Board meeting to order.  After a correction to the last months minutes they were approved.   The correction being the Conceal Carry Policy.  In the August meeting the Board decided to take the gun signs down and delete the Conceal Carry Policy.

Mary gave her librarians report.  The Story Time on Thursday morning has good attendance.  The LEAP students from the Lincoln Elementary School will be coming to the Library every Friday at 3:45 to check out books, do crafts and play games.  Everything is going well.

Nancy gave her librarians report.  She will be doing the payroll early and would like the signers to come in and sign the checks.

The Library will host a ruffled scarf class for October 19th.  There have been some inquiries concerning having a monthly genealogy club meeting at the Library.  Nancy will put a notice in the next newsletter to see how much interest is received.

Upon researching the guest book for the Open House after the remodeling project in 2009, there were 71 signatures in the book.  As there probably were some who didn’t sign the book an approximate number of 100 people were in attendance for this event.

The amount charged for the public to use the fax from the library will remain the same.  It is in line with what the banks charge.

The Board looked at material concerning shopping baskets for the patrons to use while in the Library.  Nancy found several models that ranged in price from $5 to $25.  Anne will consult the Friends of the Library to see if they would like to take on this project.

Karen made the motion to have Sylvan Lawn Care come to do the spraying for the dandelions.  Patrishia seconded the motion.

Nancy is writing a grant from the CKLS Materials Grant to purchase a projector and screen for the Library.  At present we are borrowing Jim Gabelmann’s equipment.

The Board with the Librarians had discussion about overdue fines.  Jerry made the motion to abolish the late fees (fines).  Karen seconded the motion.  The Board also discussed extending the check out days for books.  Karen made the motion to have the check out period extended from two weeks to three weeks.  Jerry seconded the motion.

The book bags as a fund raiser for the 100th anniversary celebration was tabled till Terry can be at the meeting.

Anne is working on writing grants for the library from GL Huyett, WEB and the Post Rock Foundation.  Any money we receive will help purchase the microfilm machine as well as other projects.

The Board discussed the door issue again.  Anne will check with Terry to see what is going on with the door.  If there isn’t any activity a final decision will be made in October.

Kathy made the motion to pay the bills for the month.  Jerry seconded the motion.  Checks were signed.

The Board and Librarians went over the Policy Handbook Part III and corrections and deletions were made.

Jerry made the motion to adjourn.  Kathy seconded the motion.

The next Board meeting will be October 10.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kathy Moss, just filling in for Lynne

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

August 13, 2013 Library Board Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2013

Members:  Kathy Moss, Patrisha Street, Jerry Philbrick, Karen Jeffers, Terry Broberg, and Lynne Metz
Librarians:  Nancy Jensen and Mary Andersen

In the absence of the board president, Anne Grace, vice president Kathy Moss called the meeting to order.

Terry made the motion to approve the minutes of both July 9th and the July 18th special meeting.  Terry read the minutes of the special meeting.  Karen seconded the motion.

Mary gave her report on the summer library program.  There was a good turn out and the participants had a great time.

Nancy gave her librarian’s report.  Some of the things on her agenda were dandelions, problems with the west door sticking, Chamber bingo, Hand railing, the internet and the conceal carry policy.

The board viewed samples of the book bags.  The Board will decide on the quality and how many to purchase as a fund raiser for the 100th anniversary of the library.  Discussion followed and this matter was tabled till the next board meeting.

Anne was to have talked with Mr. Winegar about the WEB Grant for the Microfilm Machine.  Material received from the WEB Grant had questions as how we were going to raise the rest of the money for the Microfilm Machine.  They did not give the Library any funds at this time.  The next money payout will be on October 23.  A Board Member or Members will attend this meeting to answer the questions they have.

Terry explained about the door proposal.  Discussion followed on the door.   We can get a custom made door with popular on the outside and oak on the inside.  Our present door also has window issues as well.  As yet we haven’t discussed the hardware for the door.  We need to get started on this project as the doors have been sticking shut.  Board members looked at the door and glass to see its problems.  We need to get on this project.  Jerry made the motion to purchase the new door.  Karen seconded the motion.

Lynne made the motion to pay the bills for the month and Kathy seconded the motion.

Lynne made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Trisha seconded the motion.  The next meeting will be on September 12, at 5:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Moss, just filling in for Lynne

Monday, August 26, 2013

July 18, 2013 Special Board Meeting Minutes

JULY 18, 2013

Members present:  Anne Grace, Terry Broberg, Jerry Philbrick, Kathy Moss, Patrisha Street, Karen Jeffers and Lynne Metz.
Librarian present:  Nancy Jensen

     A special meeting was called by president Anne Grace, July 18, 2013, to discuss
the grant application  to the WEB fund from the Lincoln County Economic Development office.  The application was submitted by FLCL member Deb Ortiz.  After review of the application Kathy moved to write a new proposal with $6745, the amount requested and $2250, the amount pledged by the library.  Motion was seconded by Karen.  Motion passed.  Anne will contact the Economic Development director for a new application.
     We plan to apply to the Post Rock Foundation after September 1 for the remaining funds . 
      Jerry moved to adjourn. Kathy seconded.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Metz, secretary

July 9, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

JULY 9, 2013

Members:  Kathy Moss, Patrisha Street, Jerry Phillbrick, Karen Jeffers, Lynne Metz, Terry Broberg
Librarian:  Nancy Jensen

     In the absence of president Anne Grace, Kathy Moss opened the meeting.  The minutes were approved as read. 
     Children’s librarian, Mary, was unable to attend due to family illness.
     Nancy reported on the summer library program:  23 teens and 43 adults have participated with the program ending July 13.  The children’s summer program will continue through July so that LEAP elementary children can participate.  The 1st Wednesday afternoon adult movie was attended by 7 people.  Citizens State Bank provided popcorn.  July 17th the movie ARGO will be shown.  Discussion followed as to trying an evening movie.
      CKLS workshops in Beloit, August 14th will include programming and ebooks.  The technology workshop on technology is October 16 in Great Bend.  CKLS has signed an agreement with Overdrive allowing all the libraries in CKLS to be part of the sunflower eLibrary consortium.  This will enable library patrons to download audio books, ebooks and music with their Lincoln Carnegie Library card.  The website is  There is a two week limit for each book, etc. 
     July 13, Luanne Howell will lead an Altered Books workshop and on August 7, Kathy Rippel will teach a class on genealogy internet resources at the library.
     The June/July newsletter was sent to 420 patrons.  The annual audit is being conducted by the City auditor.  Recycling needs to be picked up.  Karen Jeffers volunteered to take care of it.  The sprinkler was apparently left on July 4th.  Water was found running down the street and in the basement Friday morning.  Lynne will check with Evelyn Schroeder to see if a Friends member just left it on by mistake or if we had some vandalism occur. 
     Nancy passed out the 2014 System Plan which includes the following changes:  Continuing Education money drops from $1000/year to $750/year, annual Technology Plan is required, electronic copy of our Policy Handbook to CKLS is required,  new $250 programming grant is available.
     Some libraries are eliminating overdue fines since it is not a deterrent and is not a good source of revenue. The microfilm bid from Salina Blueprint for a new microfilm machine is $8995.  In addition we will need a computer, tower, mouse and keyboard and a vertical monitor.  FLCL has offered to purchase the computer and monitor.  Anne Grace will write a WEB grant for ¾ of the price if we provide ¼ of the price ($2250).  This could be accomplished with $1083.32 in memorials, $763.59 in special accounts and $403.09 from the general contingent fund. 
     A book entitled Journeys, photography from around the world, was donated by Dr. Dale K. Cole, retired Salina physician.  He is willing to come give a photography workshop or talk about his travels.  Lynne volunteered to send a note of thanks. 
     The fax machine is set up and working.  Both banks charge $2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page. 
     Unfinished Business:  Karen moved to proceed with the WEB grant for the $8995 microfilm machine, including our ¼ part of $2250.  Patisha seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Book bags were examined and their purchase was tabled.  Terry submitted a report on the west doors. See attached update. 
     New Business:  Jerry moved to pay the monthly bills.  Lynne seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
Lynne moved to set a fax fee of $2/first page and $1/additional pages.  Karen seconded.  Motion carried.
     Jerry moved to adjourn the meeting.  Karen seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be August 13.  
     Respectfully submitted,

     Lynne Metz, secretary

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

June 11, 2013 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Board of Trustees
June 11, 2013

Members Present:  Anne Grace, Kathy Moss, Terry Broberg, Patrisha Street, Karen Jeffers, Lynne Metz
Librarians:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen

     The meeting was called to order by president, Anne Grace.  Terry moved to approve the May 16 minutes.  Karen seconded the motion.  The minutes are approved as read. 

Librarians’ Reports:
     Mary reported that 60 children have signed up for the Summer Library Program-Dig Into Reading which will last through July. Monday Story time has fluctuated from 5-15 children.  The Rolling Hills Zoo Program was attended by 45 children and 15 children enjoyed last Friday’s afternoon movie.  We have received $395 in donations from local businesses:  Meyer Tire and Lube, Lincoln Farm supply, Crangle Law Offices, Chartered, Farmway Credit Union, Insurance Works, Walker Products Company, Inc., Susan Marshall, Dr. G. Derrill Gwinner, Metz and O’Hare, Chtd., Lincoln County Pharmacy, Sixteen 60 Publishing Co.  Lynne will send thank you notes and the board members are encouraged to express their thanks, also.  About 40 children from the LEAP program at LES will be coming to the library on Fridays from noon to 1pm to check out books, do crafts and get acquainted with the library.  The school library will not be open during the summer school period. Program information is posted on the library blog at CKLS came and weeded out the children’s books. The re-labeling project is tabled until after the summer library program is over
     Nancy reported that the west door is still having problems, swelling in the humidity, was unable to be opened for two days.  The door windows also leaked during the rain.  Dennis Cross did fix the door from blowing open when it is really windy out. The door needs to be replaced.  The adult fiction books have been weeded to 3400 books.  The goal is to limit the number to 3,000.  The state aid check for $517 arrived and 2014’s state aid estimate is $475.  The Summer Reading Program for Adults:  every time an adult checks out books he/she fills out an entry form for a drawing for a gift basket.  Drawings are held every week.  Twelve teens are participating in the Teen Summer Library Program. There are guessing jars and ‘make and take” crafts for them.  Weis Fire & Safety inspected approved the fire extinguishers. A monthly adult movie will be shown once a month on Wednesday at 2:30. The first one will be “The Impossible” on June 19.  On August 7, Kathy Ripple, CKLS, will come to do a program on Genealogy sites on the internet.
     The library’s part of the City-Wide garage sale cleared $103 ($21 books, $90 equipment) and was manned by Anne, Terry and Evelyn Schroeder, FLCL president.
     The City of Lincoln workers made a concrete pad, moved the bike rack and the book return bin to make an easy access curb-side book return.  
     The CKLS Trustee training meeting was held in Lincoln June 10.  Members in attendance from Lincoln were Anne, Kathy, Patrisha, Karen, Terry and Lynne.  A total of 22 attended with Minneapolis, Wilson and Luray being represented.  Chris Ripple and Gail Santy presented detailed information about the responsibilities of being a part of the CKLS and state library system.  This included a set of by-laws written by Chris that will cover all the legal and library regulations to follow.  The different CKLS grants were explained.  It is the board’s responsibility to set policies for the library, not micro-manage the librarian.  We are encouraged to build a better relationship with our city council by keeping them informed of our activities and patron use.  It was an in-depth presentation and a good learning tool.
     Kathy moved to approve the bills.  Karen seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 
     The Policy Handbook, Part II Trustee Policies were reviewed.  Terry moved to add the State of Kansas guideline website to the Records Retention Policy.  Kathy seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
      Nancy mentioned that the early copies of the board minutes are becoming frail. A future project could be recopying these minutes in some form to preserve our history. 
     Anne reported that the FLCL are still interested in helping with the purchase of a microfilm reader to replace our aging/no replaceable parts machine.  Anne will follow up with the FLCL about writing grants and Nancy will obtain pricing from Salina Blueprint.  FLCL is planning a photography contest of Lincoln County with entries being displayed at the library. 

     Book bags with the library logo were considered as a possible fund raiser.  Terry will ask for free samples first.  It is suggested that we attend the July 8th city council meeting to thank them for their cooperation in moving the book drop. 
     Kathy moved to adjourn the meeting.  Karen seconded the motion.  Meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be July 9, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Metz, secretary

May 16, 2013 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
May 16, 2013

Members Present:  Anne Grace, Terry Broberg, Karen Jeffers, Kathy Moss, Jerry Philbrick,
Patrisha Street, Lynne Metz
Librarians Present:  Nancy Jensen

The meeting was called to order by Anne Grace. Kathy moved to approve the April minutes.  Karen seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved.  Nancy reported that Karen Jeffers has volunteered to fill in for Mary and Nancy on May 17th. 

Nancy reported on the following issues:
     She wrote a newspaper article concerning opening the meeting room for public non-profit use.  Adult fiction books have been “weeded” to increase the young adult books section.  CKLS weeded the children’s department with volunteer help.  Mr. Koch, grade school principal, talked to Mary about the Schools plans for their summer LEAP program.  Kan-Ed reimbursed $773.33 for internet expense.  Lincoln Grade School students came for a tour May 15.  She attended the annual Spring Forward conference and got ideas for adult programming and displays. 

Unfinished business: The CKLS Trustee meeting will be in Lincoln, June 10, 6:30-8:30pm. CKLS will reimburse our expenses for refreshments.  Several members volunteered to bring food and drink.
     Nancy provided a list of items for the City Garage Sale, June 1.  Anne volunteered to put up signs and supervise the sale.
      Dennis Cross constructed a wooden shield around the pipe under the children’s table.  It still needs to be stained and varnished. 
     The second staff computer and new color printer/copier/scanner/fax machine are installed and in use.
     A new microfilm reader costs about $10,000.  The Friends are interested in writing a grant for this project.  The Friends of the Library are working on plans for the 100th anniversary of the library next spring.  Patrisha and Kathy volunteered to work with the anniversary committee of Deb Ortiz, Regina Vignery and Evelyn Schroeder. 
     Jerry will check with the post office to see if any old mail boxes might be available for adaptation for book returns.
     Nancy was asked to look into book bags for children.

     New Business:  Election of Officers – the present officers will remain for the following year:
                               President:  Anne Grace     Vice President:  Kathy Moss
                               Secretary:  Lynne Metz      Treasurer:  Jerry Philbrick
Kathy moved to approve the bills.  Jerry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
Jerry moved to adjourn.  Kathy seconded.  Meeting was adjourned. 
The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 5pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Metz, secretary