Tuesday, May 6, 2014

March 13, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln County Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
March 13, 2014
Members Present:  Anne Grace, Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Jerry Philbrick, Lynne Metz, Terry Broberg, Patrisha Street, Lynne Metz
Librarians:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen
Anne Grace opened the meeting. Jerry Philbrick was welcomed back after a long illness.  The minutes were corrected that carpet shampooing was not intended to be done on the March 1st workday. Kathy moved to approve the minutes as corrected.  Karen seconded the motion.  The motion carried.
FLCL representatives Evelyn Schroeder and Deb Ortiz reported on plans for the Centennial Celebration, Sunday, May 4, 2:00-4:30 pm Open House. Cookies and drink will be served. Invitations will be sent to area libraries, CKLS dignitaries, local groups (Anne has done part of these and gave them to Deb). Board members and FLCL board members will attend & serve as hosts. FLCL assumes all costs, including publicity. A Commemorative Booklet will be available at the Open House.
Other FLCL activities planned include:  Friday, May 9 at 7pm -  An Evening with Anna Wait, a living history of one of the first newspaper women in Kansas who was also our local librarian.  FLCL will need access to the library.  Saturday, May 31 9:00-3:30pm – Genealogy Workshop presented by Tracee Hamilton and Scott Holl at the Lincoln County Historical Museum.  FLCL would like to have another book sale in May.  May 17th was suggested as a possible date and Patrisha will take that information to the Centennial committee meeting.  Deb asked that we clean and Scotchgard the upholstered chairs before the centennial.  She reported that Verna Mettlen gave $1000 to FLCL and would like us to purchase a quilt magazine subscription with part of it. 
Children’s Librarian Mary report:  Libri Foundation Grant donates new children’s books to small rural libraries.  The grant of $1050 was received (the required match is $350).  FLCL agreed to contribute the $350.  Books will be purchased through the Libri Foundation.  We can apply for the grant yearly and are eligible to receive it every four years.  The Summer Library Program  - Theme Fizz, Boom, Read (Science Theme) will run from May 22 to July 31 with sign up beginning May 22.  Four programs will be held in June in addition to weekly movies and weekly guessing jars throughout the program.  In addition to crafts, some simple science experiments will be a part of this summer’s program.  We received a CKLS programming grant of $250 for Kevin Horner, a Bonner Springs puppeteer who performs a 45 minute show for $349.  FLCL will provide the $99 difference.  Mr. Koch approved having the show on the last day of school, May 21. This will be a good kick-off for the summer reading program. Mary is looking for old books and/or toys to decorate for the centennial.  She talked to FLCL chairman Evelyn about the idea of having businesses decorate their store fronts in a Reading theme for the centennial and got a positive response.  Due to the Sentinel news article, several people have picked up 6x6 early Literacy kits.
Director Nancy’s report:  AT&T upgraded our internet but this should not affect our present contract.  The Delphos Library picked up our old microfilm reader at no cost.  The digital picture frame and mount purchased by FLCL arrived.  Anne will contact Dennis Cross to install it.  Newsletters will go out the middle of April with anniversary information and in May with information about the summer reading program.  The State Aid check of $455.06 arrived, less than previous years. Pam Morgan brought in checks from FLCL:  Digital Picture Frame ($473.48), Doors ($2261.60), Libri Grant ($350) and Puppeteer ($150).  Our yearly contract of $279.11 with Key Office on the copier is due.  This covers all the toner and repairs.  The copier fund, presently $645.65, comes from money we collect from patrons making copies.  We have received $850 in memorials for James Hartzell.  CKLS has purchased new scanners to scan local history and Nancy hopes to borrow them this summer. Nancy will be gone on vacation the last week of March and the first week of April. The janitor schedule needs to be reviewed.
Unfinished Business:  It was agreed to begin selling the centennial book bags now for $15.  The new doors will be installed March 17.  It was suggested to get extra keys made. The limestone Open/Close sign is unfinished, so Anne will look into providing a temporary sign.  Nancy showed examples of a free-standing sign intended for library hours of operation.  Terry moved to purchase the sign.  Kathy seconded.  Motion carried.  The janitor schedule will be given to the janitors in May with an option to redo a job bid. Terry met with Keith Nagely in regard to the cracks in the limestone. Our thought was to concentrate on the repair above the doorway. Pete Falcon submitted a bid of $575 to sand the high traffic wood floors and put on a gym coat.  He has also agreed to remove wax and recoat tile floors and will come up with a bid for that.  Lynne replaced the US and Kansas flags with 2’x3’ flags and will return the small, old ones to the VFW. Terry will call and get a price quote to clean the carpeting at the end of April.  Terry met with Chad from Kropf Lumber in regard to window repair.  Historical preservation as much as possible is a requirement for window repair.  An estimate of $1463.70 for new storm windows for the upper windows was submitted.
New Business:  Lynne moved to renew the Key Office contract.  Terry seconded.  Motion carried.  Nancy added two bills not included in our summary sheet:  $10 to CKLS for a damaged book and $4078 to Jantz Carpentry for finishing the doors. Jerry moved to approve the pending bills.  Kathy seconded the motion.  Motion carried. Board members Terry, Patrisha and Kathy will have their terms expire in May.  All three agreed to serve another four year term.  Another work day is scheduled Saturday, April 5, at 1pm for indoor and outdoor painting.
Jerry moved to adjourn the meeting.  Kathy seconded.  Meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be April 10 at 5:00 pm.
Respectfully submitted   

Lynne Metz, Secretary

February 13, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees
February 13, 2014

Members:  Anne Grace, Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Terry Broberg, Patrisha Street,            
                   Lynne Metz
Librarians:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen

The meeting was called to order by president, Anne Grace.  Terry moved to approve the January 9 minutes.  Karen seconded the motion. The minutes were approved. 

Mary presented the children’s library report.  Story time resumed February 6.  There has been poor attendance due to the weather. The State Library of Kansas has put together a kit called “6x6 Ready to Read.”  The program is not designed to teach kids to read at an early age. It is designed so that they will have the skills they need to begin reading once they start school.  Mr. Koch, LES principal and Sharon Markley, parents as Teachers coordinator, will be using them.  The free kits will also be available at the library.  Mary designed a Children’s Services sheet to be used in advertising.  Kathy and Lynne have put in many volunteer hours cleaning, relabeling and entering the children’s books into the computer. Mary needs ideas for using the LEAP funds for children and/or parents. 

Nancy reported that the new table purchased by FLCL is here and the new phones are set up and working.  All of the yearly reports are done.  The elevator quit working, so the repairman came and did the yearly inspection as well as reset the elevator.  The vacuum sweepers are working fine now with the new filters, belts and beater bars.  RT Thompson and Mike Hansen replaced the ballast in the light above the copy machine as well as replacing light bulbs. The library was closed the afternoon of February 4th  and all day February 5th due to the blizzard. The monthly movies will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Nancy is weeding the nonfiction and hopes to be completed by the end of the year.  Nancy went to the MARC Records Workshop regarding computer readable cataloging records. 

Terry reported on the CKLS Facilities Grant workshop.  This year’s CKLS grant is for facility upgrade/improvement and is due October 1.  There is a $10,000 grant and several $5,000 grants available and the library must match 30% of the grant money received. We are looking at this grant money to be used for replacing windows.  There is also a grant available at the Topeka Kansas Preservation office due November 1.  Chris Rippel will help write the grant. A maintenance checklist for public libraries was provided. 

There was no report from the 100th Anniversary committee since the meeting was postponed due to the weather. Mary proposed to involve the businesses by photographing owners reading and posters made up to advertise the anniversary on May 4.  Terry proposed sending out hand written invitations and will come up with a list. Anne volunteered to write them. Kathy volunteered to contact Evelyn Schroeder about the upcoming anniversary plans.
Fifty commemoration book bags arrived, costing $7.54 apiece (total $376.88).  We agreed to sell each bag for $15 beginning April 1. 

There is no definite news from the WEB fund for the door renovation project.  It was agreed to remove the historical register plaque from the old doors and mount it somewhere besides the new doors.  Terry reported that a rotating Open/Closed sign could be made from limestone donated by Bluestem Stone, Jon Pancost. Rodney Broberg will design the mechanism and Jeff Barrett will do the stone work.  There will be no cost just recognition of services. Discussion followed as to signage for library hours.  No decision was made.
Janitor checklist was discussed:  some ideas were to make checklist for janitors, set up schedule for certain items, etc.  The crack in the limestone above the west door is missing mortar and must be replaced with the historically correct mix of mortar.  Nancy will speak to Dennis Cross about this. 

Lynne moved to approve the bills, Karen seconded and the motion carried.  A work day March 1 at 1pm was scheduled to do touch up painting inside and out and shampoo carpet.  The US and Kansas flags need to be updated and Lynne volunteered to ask the VFW Auxiliary about new flags.  Lynne moved to approve the larger digital sign that FLCL would like to purchase.  Karen seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Terry reported that the “door” man is coming Tuesday and will look at the windows that have deteriorated.  We will leave the monthly meeting on the second Thursday of each month.
The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be March 13 at 5pm.

Respectfully submitted.

Lynne Metz, Secretary

January 9, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 9, 2014

MEMBERS:  Kathy Moss, Patrisha Street, Karen Jeffers, Terry Broberg,
Lynne Metz
LIBRARIANS:  NANCY Jensen, Mary Andersen

     The meeting was opened by Kathy Moss.  Lynne moved to amend the December minutes to read “the next meeting will be Thursday, January 9, at 5:00 pm.”  Terry seconded the motion.  Motion passed. 

     Librarian Mary Andersen reported that story time will resume February 6.  She visited with LES Principal Koch and learned that there is more money available for the library to use for the LEAP program.  Mary has spent $582.67 of the 2013 allotment of $625 for crafts.  The theme for the Summer Reading Program is Fizz Boom Read, a science theme.
Scheduled work days for processing/cleaning, relabeling books are: January 18 (10-4), January 23 (11-6), January 30 (11-6), and February 1 (10-4). 
     Librarian Nancy Jensen handed out the amended Employee Policy pages. The monthly movies will begin on Wednesday, January 15, and the following 3rd Wednesdays of the month. The vacuum sweepers need new agitator brushes, belts and filters.  Another table for the meeting room would be nice to have when large groups use the room.  She would like to ask the FLCL to donate another table, since they donated the others.  Kathy volunteered to contact the FLCL with the request.
      Chris Ripple at CKLS sent information regarding allowing board members from outside the city limits.  CKLS does not recommend adding board members that live outside the city limits because they do not represent people paying the taxes supporting the library. They also recommend that we have no more than two members living outside the city limits and to set a definite area that they live in.  To change the present rule the library has to pass a charter resolution and present it to the city council for their consideration.  Nancy presented the annual reports for CKLS and the city of Lincoln and the 2014 budget.  A nice amount of money has been received in memory of Don Meili.
     Unfinished Business:  
     It was agreed to place the order for 50 book bags with navy trim and the #1 logo for the anniversary celebration.  We agreed to purchase new attachments for the vacuum cleaners. The new microfilm machine is in use and both librarians are trained to use it.  It was discussed to e-mail other libraries in the area with the offer of our old machine.  Pete Falcon has not submitted a bid to redo the damaged wood floor areas.  Kathy will contact him.  Terry Broberg received a $2000.00 grant from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation to be used for the west door renovation.  Work on the doors is proceeding and should be finished in February.  Nancy would still like input from board members about janitor duties.
    New Business:
          Nancy presented the annual reports for CKLS and the city council.  Karen moved to accept the Annual report.  Terry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Karen moved to approve the December bills.  Kathy seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Nancy presented the 2014 budget remarking that she had to cut back the amount we spend on new books and movies.  The children’s books will be purchased with the Beach Grant money.  Lynne moved to approve the 2014 budget.  Patrisha seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  The light fixture over the open stairway was initially installed in a way that made it impossible to change bulbs or clean.  Terry contacted R&R Street who lowered it and cleaned it up.  The cost was $248.40.  We agreed to change the fee for all black and white copies from twenty cents to ten cents and all color copies $1.  Terry called Travis Schwerdtfeger and Keith Naegele to check on the crack in the limestone above the west door.  Patrisha moved to adjourn the meeting.  Karen seconded.  Meeting adjourned. 
     The next meeting will be February 13, 2014 at 5:00 pm.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Lynne Metz, secretary

December 17, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 17, 201
Members Present:  Kathy Moss, Jerry Phillbrick, Patrisha Street, Terry Broberg, Lynne Metz
Librarian Present:  Nancy Jensen

The meeting was opened by Kathy Moss.  Jerry moved to approve the minutes of the November 14th meeting.  Terry seconded.  Motion carried.

Nancy presented her report:  Sylvan Lawn Care sprayed the lawn for weeds on November 2 and suggested a spring and fall spraying in the future.  An anonymous patron is going to donate about $300 for a new projector.  Karen and Nancy purchased a small screen for $25 from Vestal’s auction.  It is smaller than the Extension Office projector, but will work for presentations.  Lynne volunteered her large screen when needed.  No money for the microfilm reader was received from the Huyett Grant.  The reader, purchased through Salina Blueprint for $8995, has been funded through the WEB fund, FLCL and the library’s contingency fund.  Steve Thomas, CKLS, recommended a computer monitor and more memory for the computer.  As soon as he installs the new memory, Salina Blueprint will bring up the rest of the reader.  CKLS will hold an executive committee meeting in Lincoln June 11.  The librarians would like to purchase two cordless phones, one for each level.  Vera Jorgensen donated $50 and this would cover the purchase of the phones.  The library will be closed December 24, 25, 31 and January 1 for holidays.  Mary and Nancy worked on a proposed list of janitor duties.

Unfinished Business:
     Nancy submitted 3 samples for the book bag logo.  The general consensus was to choose #1.  If we were to purchase another item, there would be an additional set up cost for that item.  The secretary was asked to send a thank you to the WEB fund for their donation for the microfilm machine.  Terry reported that the new door has been ordered from Kropf Lumber, Hesston, KS for $4526.67
New Business:
     Terry moved to purchase 2 cordless phones with the donation from Vera Jorgensen.  Patrisha seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
     Lynne moved to approve the bills.  Terry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
     Policy Handbook Part IV Employee Policy was reviewed. Under Nepotism “immediate families” will include siblings, parent-child, grandparent-grandchild.  Under Salaries and Wages, change 25 hours to 32 hours a week for the Director and 17 hours to 19.2 hours a week for the Children’s Librarian.  The changes were approved by unanimous consent. 
     It was suggested to issue invitations to the 100 year celebration open house to city council and county commission members.  Other suggestions are welcome. 
     CKLS will have a Grant Workshop January 28 at Ellsworth from 1:30-3:30 and at Beloit in the morning.  The Janitor Duties were discussed.  Nancy asked that several members go through the library and make note of areas needing cleaning. 

     Jerry moved to adjourn.  Lynne seconded.  Meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 14, at 5:00 pm.