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Thanks to the following businesses who donated to the Lincoln Carnegie Library Summer Library Program.

Meyer Tire & Lube
Post Rock Funeral Services, Inc.
G Kyle Gwinner OD
Bank of Tescott
Lincoln Farm Supply
Heller Chiropractic
Viv's Retail Liquor
Citizen's State Bank

Programs were provided by:

Kelly Larsen and interns Mason Herrman and Landon Cook - Economic Development Program
Vicki Meier, Deedra Stertz, Cody Wolting, Dennis Cross, Sunnie McBride - Making Birdhouses
Chris Heinze, Elijah Keever and Darlene Andreson - Tinkering Day
County/City Employees, APAC Shears, Farm Bureau, Fire and Ambulance Crews - Touch a Truck
Sarah Cagle, Amanda Johnson, Diane Burbridge, Joan Meili, Lana Houston - Knitting/Crochet Class 
Danica Uhl - Smoky Hills Public Television - Bob the Builder
Kansas Wetlands Education Center

A huge thanks to members of the Teen Advisory Board for
helping with all of the above plus so much more!

Thanks to all of the moms, dads, grandparents,
teachers, paraprofessionals and babysitters for taking time to bring the children to the library!

It was an Amazing Summer
126 kids signed up for the Summer Library Program
662 kids attended 10 programs
348 crafts were made 
1169 books were checked out!

Thanks again, your donations make everything possible
and make a lot of kids very happy!

Pirates take over Library!

The library was taken over by pirates onThursday, September 14th. 

They destroyed flags
They walked the plank

They Stole the Treasure
They ate all the Fish & Chips

Then as quickly as they came,
they innocently headed back to the ship.
The Library may never be the same again.

Thank You Lincoln High School KAY Club for the new Children's Books!

The Lincoln High School KAY Club raised money from area businesses and organizations for a Literacy for a Lifetime Book Drive. The club donated over 60 brand new children's books to the Lincoln Carnegie Library.

A few KAY club members came to story time and read some of the new books to the children.
The children showed their appreciation by serving cake to KAY club members.

This was a great accomplishment by KAY club members.
Thanks to the local business and clubs who donated to this wonderful project!
The books will be enjoyed by area children for a long time.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Story Time Resumes Sept. 7th

The 2017 Fall/Winter Story Time Session
Runs from September 7th to November 30th

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tinkering Day

Volunteers will be on hand to help youth age 8 to 18 explore the parts of a computer and a car. Have fun taking things apart to discover the parts inside. Learn how to use some basic tools. Class size is limited. On-line Registration can be found on our home page.

June, 2017 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees Meeting
June 13, 2017
Members present:  Karen Jeffers, Patti Winters, Patrisha Street, Charlene Batchman, Sharon Luck
Librarians present:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Anderson
Karen Jeffers (acting president for Kathy Moss) opened the meeting.  Sharon Luck moved to approve the May minutes and Charlene seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
Motion by Patti Winters to approve the bills and seconded by Sharon Luck.  Motion carried.  **This was not our usual order of business, but some members were going to need to leave early.
Mary Anderson shared her report.  There are 120 kids signed up for the summer reading program so far.  Thirty children came to the game day, four families attended the family night, and thirty-five kids and 10 adults were present for the Smoky Hill TV program. Mary game an update for the Teen Advisory Board.  The teens will be selling popsicles in a couple of locations for the Bike Across Kansas activities.  The teens will also be hosting a basketball tournament on Saturday, July 15th @ the slab.  They are planning to purchase a Teen Advisory Board Banner.
Nancy Jensen provided her report.  Nancy supplied everyone with a copy of the By Laws for the board members.  The city auditor stated the Library’s books were fine.  Roger Hayworth repaired the flapper and handle on the toilet. Am Trust is the new provider for the worker’s comp. insurance.  The library will be purchasing two customer parking only signs and the city will install them.  Along with the new signs, we discussed the use of free Wi-fi in the parking lot.  The board will continue this discussion at the July meeting.  The floors were buffed on Memorial Weekend.  The Library has opted to receive 10 copies each month of the BookPage instead of 50.   Nancy has created a photo policy and the FLCL will reimburse the library for the bill from Precision Electrical for the automatic door opener.  Board members were encouraged to select a date to attend the Trustee Training sessions.

Sharon Luck will contact Mr. Lange at LJSH to discuss the new railings.
Motion by Sharon Luck and seconded by Patrisha Street to approve the photo policy.  Motion carried.
Motion by Charlene Batchman and seconded by Patrisha Street to adjourn the meeting.

Submitted by,

Sharon Luck, secretary

May, 2017 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees Meeting
May 9, 2017

President Kathy Moss called the meeting to order at 5:16 p.m. with Sharon Luck, Sunny McBride, Patricia Street, Patti Winters, Karen Jeffers, Nancy Jensen and Mary Anderson present.
Motion by Karen Jeffers seconded by Patricia Street to approve the minutes as e-mailed.  Motion carried.
Election of officers: 
·         Sharon Luck volunteered to be Secretary. Sharon Luck needs to leave early, so Patti Winters was appointed as acting Secretary in Sharon Luck’s absence.
·          Karen Jeffers nominated Patricia Street for Treasurer.  Sharon Luck seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
·         Sharon Luck nominated Kathy Moss for President.  Karen Jeffers seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
·         Karen Jeffers volunteered to be Vice-President.
Mary Andersen provided her report. (Full report attached)  There are numerous activities this summer and help is needed, especially with the Family Construction and Game Night on June 1 from 5-8 p.m.  Touch a Truck program will be held in the park later this summer.  LEAP students will be visiting the library once a week this summer.  Friends of the Library had donated money last year that was not completely used.  Those funds will be utilized for summer programs this year. After discussion, it was decided that flyers of the summer library programs be sent home the Monday before school is out, hopefully decreasing the possibility of kids leaving the flyers in the book bags all summer long.
Nancy Jensen gave her report.  (Full report attached)  Items discussed were Workman’s Comp (carrier is looking for a new company); Library has been sprayed by World Pest Control (yearly); Fire Extinguisher check completed; automatic door opener is installed and working properly; vacation; GAAP Waiver; Bills Payable resolution; One-Patron-One-Account; books have been moved; summer program preparation in progress.
Parking lot use after hours was discussed. This typically wouldn’t be an issue, but the individual(s) utilizing the lot after hours leave a large amount of mud in the lot.   City Hall will be contacted to determine if the use of the parking lot can be limited to patrons using the library during business hours or not.
Motion by Kathy Moss seconded by Sharon Luck to let the librarians decide on the One-Patron-One-Account issue.  Motion carried.
CKLE Trustee training list was shared.  Board members were encouraged to attend the trainings if possible.  Trainings are June 13 in Clyde; July 22 in Logan; September 19 in Claflin and October 14 in Glen Elder.
Sharon Luck left the meeting at 5:57 p.m.  .
Karen Jeffers inquired about the metal railings in front of the library. Nancy Jensen stated that she will be visiting with Mr. Lange at Lincoln High School in August and see if they would be interested in making the new rails.
Motion by Sunny McBride seconded by Karen Jeffers to accept the policy changes as follows: 1) The Board will consist of eight trustees.  Seven of the trustees are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council.  The Mayor is the 8th trustee.  2)  The library encourages Board members to attend continuing education opportunities – especially system workshops and state library conferences.  The library will pay for mileage, meals, parking, motels, etc. for attendance at continuing education function approved by the Library Board.  The current state mileage rate will be used for mileage reimbursement.  3)  The third notice will be sent by mail or by e-mail at three weeks overdue.  At this point, the patron’s account is suspended and renewals are not allowed.  The item must be returned or paid for.  A suspended account means that patrons cannot use the computers or check any items out.  4)  Children 7 years old and under must have a parent/caregiver in the library with them.  Motion carried.
Bills needing paid were discussed.  Motion by Patricia Street Seconded by Sunny McBride to pay the bills as presented.  Motion carried.
Motion by Karen Jeffers seconded by Patricia Street to pass the resolution waiving annual requirements of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  Motion carried.
Motion by Sunny McBride seconded by Karen Jeffers to allow payment of interim bills for KS Gas Service, AT&T, Nex-Tech, Amazon, Employees, Federal & State Government and KPERS.  Motion carried.
One Patron- One Account was discussed in length.  There are many issues that could arise with this system.  It was stated to relay the board was not in support of the One-Patron-One-Account Proposal.
Motion by Karen Jeffers seconded by Sunny McBride to allow library programs to be held at the library after hours.  Motion carried.
With no further business, motion by Patricia Street seconded by Sunny McBride to adjourn the meeting. The meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.

Submitted by

Patti Winters, Acting Secretary

April, 2017 Library Board Meeting Minutes

APRILL 11, 2017
MEMBERS PRESENT: Karen Jeffers, Sharon Luck, Sunnie McBride, Lynne Metz, Kathy Moss, Patrisha Street, Patty Winters
LIBRARIANS PRESENT:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen
Kathy opened the meeting and welcomed new board member, Patty Winters.  Patrisha moved to approve the March 14 minutes with Sunnie providing the second.  Motion carried.
Mary reported on plans for the Summer Library Program.  These include programs for older kids 9+: how to build a bird house with Vicki from Lincoln Building Supply, how to knit and crochet, tinkering (taking apart things to see what’s inside and how they work).  Sara Cagle, a teen on the TAB, has volunteered to teach knitting. The knit/crochet sessions will be June 5-7 10:30-12:30. Mary needs other volunteers to teach knitting/crocheting, knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn and 2 liter Coke bottles for the programs.  The final program will be a Touch-A-Truck at the city park. There will be crafts at the Library on Saturday morning, June 3, during the Alumni week-end. The TAB students are going to sell popsicles for a fund raiser during Bike Across Kansas on June 13. She is looking into using Google Docs  and Google Forms for registration for the Summer Library Program and for some surveys.
Nancy reported attending the CKLS Library Bus Tour to the libraries in Topeka, Manhattan and Junction City. The AT&T internet contract needs to be renewed from July, 2017 to June, 2018.  The E-rate will reduce the monthly payment of $60 by nearly half.  She contacted Royce Hillegeist in regard to installing the automatic door for the south entrance.  Paul Reinking made a donation to Lana Healy’s memorial, asking that the money be used for new chairs for the public access computers.  Three chairs were purchased for $326.22.  There is still $1389 in the memorial.  In honor of National Library week, she put informative table tents in the medical businesses in Lincoln.  Marci Metz has agreed to make a metal sign displaying summer hours on one side and winter hours on the other.  This year we are required to have a Kansas Library Association membership for the Director and Board Members.  The total dues come to $140 ($35 for the Director and $15 for each board member).  The Teen and Christian books have been moved and the fiction books will be moved by the end of April.
Under unfinished business we continued to study the library evaluation suggestions.  The batteries have been replaced in the emergency lights.  The automatic door closure is in progress.  The old inside stairway has been closed off.  We learned that the south door is handicap accessible and will not have to be replaced.  We discussed adding a safety gate or half door at the top of the new addition stairway.  The elevator door is too close to the open stairway for wheel chair safety.  The laptops have been moved to a more appropriate place.  It was decided not to purchase an external hard drive for backups but continue to use flash drives instead. The arrangement of the children’s area is working out well for moms and kids. It was suggested to add signage to indicate the south entrance as handicapped accessible.  The new books and rotating books have been moved toward the back of the library to encourage patrons to explore the library. Two items in the Library Policy Handbook will be corrected by Nancy:  change city council to mayor that appoints new board members and clarify “debarred” in punishment section. Taking under consideration are:  audiobooks both child and adult.  These can also be downloaded from the State Library.  It was suggested that we provide our local teachers information on e-book and audio books through an inservice at the school. 

Patty Winters and Charlene Batchman are the new board members replacing Terry Broberg and Lynne Metz.
Lynne moved to pay the current bills with Sharon seconding the motion. Motion carried.  Sharon moved to continue the AT&T internet contract with Lynne seconding the motion.  Motion carried.
Sunnie moved to adjourn the meeting with Sharon seconding the motion. 
The next meeting will be May 9, 2017 at 5:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,  Lynne Metz    

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Build a Birdhouse at the Library!

The build a birdhouse class is full. The on-line registration form has been removed.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Touch A Truck at the Lincoln City Park

Kids Love Trucks and we are bringing lots of them to the Lincoln City Park on Thursday, June 29th from 10:15 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  Children of all ages will be able to touch the trucks, climb up on a few, and see them all up close. Drivers will be on hand to tell how their vehicle works and how it helps get jobs done in the community. There will be crafts, snacks, activities and games for all ages.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Help Us Build a Better Community!

Kelly Larson from the Economic Development office will present a program on how Lincoln County youth can help "Build a Better World," by helping out in their own communities.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kansas Wetlands Education Center presents Nature's Builders

All ages are welcome to attend this free program presented by Kansas Wetlands Education Center.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Knitting/Crochet Class for Ages 8 to 18

All supplies will be furnished
Class Size is Limited

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bike Program to be Held at Library May 8th

Register today for this neat Bike Program to be held in the Lincoln Carnegie Library's meeting room on Monday May 8th at 4:00 p.m. The program is sponsored by the Lincoln Rec. Department.
Click on the link below for more details and a registration form

Registration forms should be returned to the Lincoln Recreation Department by Saturday, May 6th.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Knitters/Crocheters Wanted!

March 2017 Library Board Meeting Minutes

MARCH 14, 2017
Members Present:  Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Patrisha Street, Lynne Metz
Librarians Present:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Andersen
Kathy opened the meeting.  Karen moved to approve the January 10 minutes, Lynne seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  There were no minutes in February because there was no meeting.  Kathy reported that Terry Broberg has resigned from the library board effective immediately.
Mary reported that Storytime is averaging 15 children per week.  LEAP students will come on Fridays through the summer.  The donation letters and Summer Library Program schedule are nearly ready to be delivered the first of May.   She would like to use some of the Evelyn Bolte memorial fund to purchase story time toys, games, activity area rug, cushions, beaded wall mirror, and felt board supplies.  She has made several book bundles:  5 books on the same topic including storybook, non-fiction and early readers. This may help parents and kids to check out faster if they don’t have time to browse.
Nancy reported that the water heater is still not working, but Street Plumbing assures that this time it will be fixed.  19 patrons participated in our Blind Date with a Book  program in February. She would like to close the State Aid Fund Checking Account at the Bank of Tescott.  Our State Aid for 2017 is $374.  As long as we account for the money separately, we can put the funds in our City Fund Account. Key Office Products will no longer service our copier which we purchased in 2008.  Workers Comp insurance is still up in the air.  Art Wagoner is still working on it for us. The activity kits are complete and some have been checked out. Bike Across Kansas will be in Lincoln overnight on June 13.  If we stay open later, they would be able to use our computers and Wifi. Our CKLS System Grant first distribution was received.  The amount we are eligible to receive this year was docked by $133 (originally it was $429).  CKLS revised the figure since we didn’t use all of our $700 on continuing education workshops and meetings.  If we don’t spend it, they don’t distribute as much money the next year.
Unfinished Business:  We agreed to table the remainder of the library evaluation until next month.  In order to block off the old stairs Nancy would like to purchase some kind of sign holder.  Pedestal holders or easels were discussed but most thought they might be a hazard at the top of the steps.  A chain with a sign attached was suggested as a possibility.
New Business:  Patrisha moved to pay the February and March bills, seconded by Lynne.  The motion passed.  The Director Evaluation was presented by Kathy and will be sent into CKLS.  We will be needing two new board members, replacing Lynne’s term at the end of April and Terry’s resignation.  Lynne moved to approve using some of the Evelyn Bolte memorial for children’s supplies, seconded by Karen.  Motion carried. Karen moved to close the State Aid Account at the Bank of Tescott, seconded by Patrisha.  Karen moved to allow the purchase and installation of the automatic door opener for $2300, seconded by Lynne.  FLCL has agreed to cover the price.  Replacement of windows is on hold until more information is received.
The next meeting will be April 11, 2017 at 5:15pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Metz, secretary

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