Thursday, January 18, 2018

Storytime Break

We are currently on Storytime Break. Storytime resumes Thursday, February 8, 2018. If you would like to reserve the storytime room for play dates during this time, please ask the librarians or call us at 785-524-4034.

December 19, 2017 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
December, 19, 2017
Members present:  Charlene Batchman, Patti Winters, Kathy Moss, Sunnie McBride, Patrisha Street, Sharon Luck
Librarians present:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Anderson
President Kathy Moss called the December meeting to order at 5:15.  Charlene, seconded by Patrisha, approved the November 14, 2017 minutes.
Mary Anderson stated the story time program is on break until February 8, 2018.  The December craft day was very successful.  Approximately 30 children attended along with many parents.  Mary Anderson was able to order 48 hardback books and 4 paperback books with the 50% discount offered by Kay Club Sponsor, Ashley Wolting.  Mary will start training with Nancy in January to prepare her for her new position.
Mary and Sharon attended the CKLS PLAY meeting in Great Bend.  The meeting focused on a variety of programs the libraries could offer.  Guidelines have also changed for the passive program activities.   We can now include the Legos, puzzles, games, coloring sheets, etc.
Sharon made the motion, seconded by Charlene stating we would remove specific details from our library handbook (Section C, page 3 under “Restrictions on Materials Loaned”) regarding the policy for the R rated movies. 
Nancy and Mary updated us on the library tax status.  The library is tax deductible, but it is not a 501 (c) 3 organization.  However, donations and contributions are tax deductible.
Several signature cards at the Citizens State Bank need to up-dated.  Nancy has been cleaning out closets and has several other projects she hopes to complete before she leaves.  Nancy has been working on a Transition Notebook for several years.  It contains all of the important information that a new director will need to know.

It was moved by Charlene Batchman and seconded by Sunnie McBride to:
1.      Remove all names on the signature card for the Library’s 2 accounts at the Citizens State Bank and replace them with Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Sharon Luck, and Patrisha Street.
2.     Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Sharon Luck, and Patrisha Street can sign checks, deposit funds, and make any changes to the 2 accounts at the Citizens State Bank.
3.     Remove Nancy Jensen’s name from the signature card on the Safety Deposit Box at the Citizens State Bank and add Kathy Moss’s name.  Sharon Luck’s name will stay on.
4.     Move the annual rental fee for the safety deposit box at the Citizens State Bank from the Carnegie Library CKL Library Fund to be deducted from the Carnegie Library DBA Lincoln Carnegie Library Contingent.

We reviewed other unfinished business.  The LJSH Metal Shop Class has removed one hand railing in order to use it as a guide / pattern for the new railings they are making. 

Window project – Patti Winters shared the Kansas Historical Society information from the January 2017 On-Site visit.  Katrina Ringler from the KHS was on site with Kelli Larsen for that visit.  We have information from the Heritage Trust Fund Grant Program, funding resources for repairs, State Preservation Laws, and State Rehabilitation Tax Credits.

Our first steps are:  Patti and Sharon will talk to a couple of local contractors and have them come in and determine if the windows are fixable. Kansas Historical Society would like them fixed if possible.  
Next, we will need to create a detailed list of exactly what our needs and wants are for the windows. (Repair old windows (upstairs and the basement), seal them, replace broken glass, get new storm windows, replace all or some of the windowsills or stain and varnish some. All new windows and all new windowsills.)  After we compile this list, then we will need to get bids from several different contractors.

 Once we have all of this information, an action plan will need to be created in order to complete this project.  Some things to consider are: DUST, MOISTURE, what all will need to be covered?  Many of the shelves are going to need to be moved in order for repairs to be made. Will the library need to be shut down while this process takes place?

New business- Patti, seconded by Sunnie, approved paying the bills.  We received 3 janitor bids.  Charlene moved, seconded by Patti, to approve Becky Luck and Dennis Luck as our new janitors, beginning January 2018. Sharon Luck abstained from voting.

Meeting adjourned, the next meeting will be on January 9, 2018.

Respectfully submitted by,
Sharon Luck, Secretary

November 14, 2017 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library
Board of Trustees meeting
November 14, 2017
Members present:  Kathy Moss, Karen Jeffers, Patricia Street, Patti Winters, Charlene Batchman, Sunnie McBride, Sharon Luck
Librarians present:  Nancy Jensen and Mary Andersen
November’s meeting was called to order and the October minutes were approved by Patricia and seconded by Karen.
Mary’s children’s department report:  Five families attended Brainy Babies. Ten kids attended the game day.  Mary attended the Kansas Library Assoc. meeting in Wichita and will attend the CKLS Libray Programs A-Z in Great Bend with Sharon Luck.  Mary stated she would like to be considered for the library director’s position when Nancy retires.  Mary also shared the information she sent to the Lincoln Sentinel regarding everything our small hometown library has to offer.  This information will be published in a special edition of the paper.
Nancy’s report.  A group would like to use the meeting room for an exercise program.  Heather, at City Hall said the insurance would accept this as long as it isn’t an actual library sponsored program. Nancy hopes to finish cleaning out the storage closets before she leaves.  The Friends of the Library will present Chamber Bucks to Mindy Lewick since she has taken care of the flower beds at the library.  The Bank of Tescott account authorization paperwork the officers signed has been clarified.  CKLS is switching to direct deposit and our janitors are resigning, effective at the end of the year.  Nancy ended by sharing some ideas and jobs she and Mary have come up with for the volunteers.
Sharon Luck stated the high school has the metal for the new railings.  This project does not have to be completed by the end of the year.  We will use the CKLS special funds money to pay for this. 
The Friends of the Library contacted Sharon to discuss the plans for the new windows.  We decided that Patti would call Topeka to find out what we actually can do with the windows in order to follow the historical guidelines for the building.  Once we have that information, we can make additional plans. 
Sharon, seconded by Charlene, made the Bank of Tescott account authorization motion.
Patti, seconded by Charlene, made janitor resignation motion.
Charlene made a motion to approve the bills, seconded by Patricia.
Sharon, seconded by Charlene, established CKLS direct deposit motion.
Patti, seconded by Sharon, requested the Board of Trustees go into executive session at 6:28 for 5 min. to discuss non -elected personel. 
Charlene, seconded by Patti, made a motion for Mary Andersen to be promoted to the Director’s position replacing Nancy Jensen at the end of April.  Votes, 7 in favor, 0 nay.
Karen, seconded by Charlene, adjourned meeting.  Next meeting will be December, 12th.
Respectfully submitted by,
Sharon Luck, Secretary