Thursday, October 5, 2017

August 8, 2017 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees Meeting
August 8, 2017
Members present:  Charlene Batchman, Sharon Luck, Patti Winters, Sunnie McBride, Karen Jeffers, Patrisha Street
Librarians present:  Nancy Jensen, Mary Anderson
Karen Jeffers called the August meeting to order with Charlene Batchman approving the July 11, 2017 minutes, seconded by Patrisha Street.
Mary provided her notes for the Children’s Department.  The Teen Advisory Board will be electing new officers on August 10th.  The birdhouse building class was very successful.  Several employees from the Lincoln Home Center were present to assist the kids.  Storytime will resume September 7th.   Mary is going to do a thank you for those volunteers who helped with all of the summer programs.  She might send personal thank you notes as well as checking on prices for a thank you to be printed in the newspaper.
Nancy stated in her report that Maribeth from CKLS resolved several computer issues.  One new hard drive was purchased for a laptop.  The library has eclipse glasses for patrons to use for the August 21st viewing.  The city has increased our budget by $1,285.00 for the 2017 year.  Nancy received the 2nd 2017 appropriation from the city on July 20th.
Martin’s Floor Care is not interested in refinishing the hardwood floors upstairs.  He might have a friend who would consider doing this.  Nancy will check with him again.  Patti Winters is going to ask the USD 298 for the name of the company the school district uses for their gym floors.
Charlene and Sharon are planning to attend the Trustee Training on October 14, 2017 in Glen Elder.  Sharon has emailed Mr. Lange at the high school to see if his welding class would be able to build and install new hand railings on the front steps.
Patti Winters made a motion to pay the July bills, seconded by Sharon.
Sharon Luck made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Patti.

Next meeting will be September, 12, 2017 at 5:15. 

July 11, 2017 Library Board Meeting

Lincoln Carnegie Library Board of Trustees Meeting
July 11, 2017
Members present: Charlene Batchman, Karen Jeffers, Kathy Moss, Sharon Luck, Patti Winters, Patrisha Street
Librarians present:  Nancy Jensen
Kathy Moss called the meeting to order with Karen making a motion to approve the June minutes, seconded by Charlene.
Nancy reported the summer reading program ended July 7th.  The customer only signs were installed in the parking lot by the city.  Board members are encouraged to select a date for the Trustee Training program.  Last month we discussed keeping the availability of the Wi-fi  for the public during the hours when the library is closed.  There have been some occasional problems with the younger kids hanging around the library, which has led to various problems.  The board decided to continue to keep the Wi-fi and we would revisit this if additional problems or concerns arise.
We reviewed previous projects that we have been discussing at several past meetings.  We shared with our new board members our long term plans for new windows, trim around the windows, and storm windows.  Before any of these projects are started, the KS Historical Society would need to be contacted for project regulations.  We are searching for someone to wax the hardwood floors.
Karen Jeffers moved to adjourn with meeting, seconded by Patrisha Street.

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Sharon Luck, Secretary